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Your Final Solution to Corporate Gifting is Here

SureGifts Business is awesome!

When we started SureGifts, we wanted to build a product that makes gifting easier for individuals. We wanted people to be able to gift easily for weddings, birthdays, etc., so we built a website exclusively for that purpose. Our entire process was designed to serve peer-to-peer gifting, from the colorful features on our website, to our product messaging.

Interestingly, two years into it, well over 80% of voucher sales have been to local and multi-national businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. It turns out that businesses do a lot of gifting and rewards throughout the year. Companies do competitions/promotions and they commonly reward winners with recharge cards because it’s the only non-cash value they can transmit instantly and digitally; now, marketing teams and agencies are turning to gift vouchers. HR departments traditionally procure hampers or plaques or rice and oil to reward their employees for long service, performance, Christmas, birthdays etc. They also turned to vouchers because they’re easy to brand, they’re simpler and cheaper to procure/store, they leave no room for leakages, they can be physical or digital, and their employees use the vouchers for what they really want.

But SureGifts was not built for businesses, and the experience was difficult for the buyer and sender. Here’s a common process when structured companies want to purchase vouchers:

  • They contact us and request a quote for vouchers. We reply with a quote and explain it. They request an invoice, and we send = 6 e-mails.
  • We send them a few design samples, or they send us a creative to use. We revise the designs back and forth till a final design is approved = 6 e-mails.
  • They send us a list of recipients and tell us when to deliver. Sometimes it’s a spreadsheet with birthdays that we have to keep track of = 2 e-mails.
  • We deliver on specified dates. An e-mail or two bounces. We correct. = 3 e-mails.
  • Over the next 2 months, we get requests to forward Mr. X’s unused vouchers to Mr. Y = 4 e-mails.
  • Company requests for data on voucher usage (when and where it was used) = 3 e-mails
  • Procurement department needs clarification on invoice = 16 e-mails.

Total e-mails = 40. Time 3-months. User Experience: Company = 60%, Recipient = 100%. But the recipient is not our customer.

Welcome SureGifts Business, our fully DIY corporate gifting platform. Now, as a company, all you need is to fund your wallet, and everything you need is a click away. You can:

  • Create delivery lists or individual recipients
  • Deliver vouchers instantly or schedule delivery to a future date
  • View calendar of scheduled deliveries
  • View history of voucher orders and resend previous orders to same or different recipients
  • View voucher redemption data in real-time
  • View reports for top merchants
  • Personalize your vouchers with your company logo and special messages
  • Customize your delivery template using SureGifts default templates or create your own custom delivery templates
  • Coming soon: Create notification preferences (e.g, get an alert each time a voucher is delivered/redeemed. Get notified when 24 hours to a scheduled delivery)

Visit to create a free account today (we need to verify your account before you can start using). Or you can try it out first by logging in with “” and “password” (only one template there).

We took the liberty of using elements of GreenHouse Capital. Enjoy!


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