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Couples Love our Gift Registry

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.54.57 PMWe exist primarily to make sure people don’t get gifts they don’t like. This means that gift vouchers are especially attractive to couples, especially in Africa!

Those of you that are married will probably remember those days right after the big day when you had to settle down with all those coolers, chinaware, blenders etc., and sort them for sentencing to the dark storage room, till the day you’ll dig them out for regifting to the next hapless couple. The nightmare was probably compounded if you had to move residences after the wedding.

Many couples in Nigeria have been saved from all of that stress. They create a gift card registry at and share their unique page on their invitation cards with their friends and family (

Gifters contribute the value of their gifts towards the couples’ registry, and after the wedding, the couple can choose to either load their SureGifts wallets with the accumulated value to be used to purchase any gift card of their choice, or they can request to cash out of their registry! They can use their vouchers or their money to get the actual things they need for their new home when they need it.

Guests are also getting creative. Remember those key holders and hand fans and notebooks you receive as wedding souvenirs with tacky stickers? Why not just send branded vouchers instead? Apart from all the great retail merchants where recipients can redeem their vouchers, they can also use it to top up their phone on any network or pay over 100 bills shown at! Just contact us at




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