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5 Nigerian startups with seriously disruptive capabilities

‘Disruptive’ is a powerful word, because it’s not really about a startup that is making money or one that is able to get millions of users. Instead, a disruptive startup is one that is groundbreaking and innovative. Prior to 2015, Nigeria’s startups had largely been founded by developers who had ideas and believed they could make money from such. And so far, several of them have been able to develop tech products that are still profitable – even before the advent of ecommerce.

“Even though many foreigners and local investors think of ecommerce giants Jumia and Konga when they talk about Nigeria’s successful tech startups, quite a number of tech startups had already recorded great results before the advent of ecommerce in Nigeria – companies like Interswitch had been recording phenomenal successes in the financial tech space,” said Ojo Victoria, a Nigerian tech startup founder.

Interswitch and ecommerce powerhouses – Jumia and Konga – charted new courses in the tech space in Nigeria and several years later, they remain formidable tech companies till today. These are the kinds of startups that could be described as disruptive. There are a couple of startups in Nigeria that have disruptive capabilities in 2016. They are in various stages – one is officially launching this, one rolled out last week while the rest are already operational with varying degrees of success.

Even as Nigerians are warming up to ecommerce, a startup is attempting to introduce another previously strange service into the country – gift cards. The idea for SureGifts was gotten when the co-founders who were previously with ecommerce giant Jumia Nigeria crunched the data of online shoppers and saw that many were buying stuff online as gifts even though not all the gifts would be appropriate and perfect for the recipient.

They decided to introduce to introduce a service that will allow gift recipient to choose what is given as gifts and that was how Suregifts came to life. With numerous corporate clients and individual gift card shoppers actively using the service, the company had already ventured into numerous services and products including and It had also expanded beyond Nigeria with the recent announcement of the expansion of SureGifts to Kenya.

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